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JVA Z13 1 Zone Security Energizer 2.8 Joule *


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JVA Z13 1 Zone Security Energizer 2.8 Joule *

R 1,825.10 Excl Vat.

* Excluding Battery and Power Supply

The Z series of security electric fence energizers provide the power and intelligence to run a electric security fence from the smallest domestic installation up to a multi-zone industrial site.

The Z range may be connected to a building alarm or access control system. They may also be synchronized and networked.


  • High‐Voltage, Single‐Zone Fence Monitor triggers alarm when live wires are tampered with
  • Earth Wire Monitor triggers alarm when the earth wires are tampered with
  • Gate Monitor input to monitor the gate
  • Dynamic Voltage Monitoring minimizing arcing and false alarms while maximizing power and battery life
  • 2.8 Joules maximum output energy
  • Compliant with IEC60335‐2‐76
  • Built‐in Lightning and Surge Protection

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